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The Decoding of Panmunjom declaration: Hidden meanings of N.Korea’s Intention

kim moon

Kim, Dong Yon: a Journalist of Chosun News Press, N.Korea Analyst 

First of all, people should know the fact that there are two different Korean(language). Many people in the West think that two Koreas use the same language but this is in fact not so true.

The difference between two Korean is like Spain’s Spanish and Mexican Spanish. So despite the fact, both Koreas use the Korean, not exactly same, especially, the words.

 North Korea often refuse to use the western driven languages. Many of words like Taxi, Bus, Camera are a western creation that many Asian countries pronounce these words in their language as close as possible, S.Korea Is no different but North Korea refuse to use them. S.Korea call them 택시(Taxi), 버스(Bus), 카메라(Camera) which are exactly same as the English term with Korean pronunciation. Japan is also similar but not N.Korea.

 It is because of N.Korea’s self-confidence which they think themselves as the center of the universe, Juche Ideology. Therefore from their perspective, “we the North Korea create our own language and the rest of world follow us.”

 One of the most recent examples would be the N.Korea’s participation in PyeongChang Olympics 2018. Two Koreas created one unified team for the women Ice hockey team. The team spent lots of time for the explaining N.Korea members the meaning of “PASS” which N.Korea do not use because it is the English term. In N.Korea, they say “Contact me(연락해)” for the “Pass me (the ball).” This is the symbolic example of two Koreas’ difference in Language and culture.

 This Panmunjom Declaration is no exception. People must know N.Korea’s long-term policy and strategy towards S.Korea. When North Korea says “denuclearization(비핵화)”, does this mean same as the CVID(Complete Verifiable Irreversible Dismantlement)? It is not same as what we believe. People tend to see what they want to see, what they want to believe, it is a natural human tendency of cognitive bias, ‘mirror imaging.’ So we have to careful about the wordings of this declaration.

 Following is the original text of the declaration. And I am going to pinpoint them word for word. Italics are original text and regular text are my explanation. The reason why I use the Original, Korean text is that they did not translate them directly and omitted some sensitive words so the English version does not match exactly same as the original text. Presumably, N.Korea wants to hide some words that signify the meaning of communism in English. So I highly recommend the people to compare them with the Korean text.

 한반도의 평화와 번영, 통일을 위한 판문점 선언”

 대한민국 문재인 대통령과 조선민주주의인민공화국 김정은 국무위원장은 평화와 번영, 통일을 염원하는 온 겨레의 한결같은 지향을 담아 한반도에서 역사적인 전환이 일어나고 있는 뜻깊은 시기에 2018년 4월 27일 판문점 평화의 집에서 남북정상회담을 진행하였다.

 until here is the explanation of situation what happened at Panmunjom.

 양 정상은 한반도에 더 이상 전쟁은 없을 것이며 새로운 평화의 시대가 열리었음을 8천만 우리 겨레와 전 세계에 엄숙히 천명하였다.

 양 정상은 냉전의 산물인 오랜 분단과 대결을 하루 빨리 종식시키고 민족적 화해와 평화번영의 새로운 시대를 과감하게 일어나가며 남북관계를 보다 적극적으로 개선하고 발전시켜 나가야 한다는 확고한 의지를 담아 역사의 땅 판문점에서 다음과 같이 선언하였다.

 The word 민족 means “ethnicity” which highlight the purity and harmony of oneness, the One Korea. This term has a long history of background which even goes back to the era of Communism. It is very similar to Stalin and Hitler. Especially, Hitler’s Ethnic superiority and oneness of the states. In this declaration entirely used this term, Ethnic.

If they want to mean the same in a Democratic way, it would look like this.

종식시키고 민족적(Min Jok Juck) 화해와 평화번영의 새로운 시대를 (Original text)

종식시키고 화해와 평화번영의 새로운 시대를 (S.Korea way)

The omission of a word, 민족적 makes better and reads totally fine without it.

Also, 민족적 is the adjective term of ethnicity, so in English, it would be Ethnically. Such adjective form of the ethnic word is very rare in use for S.Korea. S.Korea does not see such claims in S.Korea official documentation but in N.Korea there are so many in their documents including N.Korea’s Constitution, they highlight this word throughout the entire Constitution. From Preamble to articles and sections of Constitution.

This word, 민족 contains the meaning of withdrawing of aliens of Peninsula. So the problems of Peninsula is only our problem between two Koreas who share the same ethnicity but nobody else. Therefore the US presence in the Peninsula is not right and does not make sense. This is N.Korea’s long-term framework which design to withdraw USFK. No USFK means N.Korea’s conquer of the entire S.Korea.

  1. 남과 북은 남북 관계의 전면적이며 획기적인 개선과 발전을 이룩함으로써 끊어진민족의 혈맥을 잇고 공동번영과 자주통일의 미래를 앞당겨 나갈 것이다.

남북관계를 개선하고 발전시키는 것은 온 겨레의 한결같은 소망이며 더 이상 미룰 수 없는 시대의 절박한 요구이다.

ⓛ 남과 북은 우리 민족의 운명은 우리 스스로 결정한다는 민족 자주의 원칙을 확인하였으며 이미 채택된 남북 선언들과 모든 해방들을 철저히 이행함으로 써 관계 개선과 발전의 전환적 국면을 열어나가기로 하였다.

Here as I said earlier, the declaration used 민족 and 우리 스스로 meaning, “we ourselves.” So it is our own problem that we ourselves only can solve it. Again, N.Korea’s intention to withdraw of US forces out of the peninsula.

N.Korea’s Propaganda outpost’s name is 우리민족끼리, meaning “Between Our Ethnic alone.” N.Korea has been promoted such framework of ethnic homogeneity for decades.

Along with they used the words,자주, and 해방. These two words are scary words only used in those of Communism countries. 자주 means Independent, and autonomous. They re-emphasize the Korean matter is only Korea’s issue so the rest of world keep your nose clean and do not get involved with this issue. They say 민족 자주의 원칙 = a principle of Ethical independent. Such description often we see from the KCNA when they declared their self-sufficient strongness.

The word 해방 is the direct proof of Communism. This means Revolution or Liberation. When we look at the history of any Communism countries, Soviets and China. When they fight in the war and conquer some city, what do they say? They say, “We liberate, We Freed the city.” Terrorist groups in the middle east, like Al-Muqrin who heavily influenced by the strategy of Mao’s guerrilla warfare, also use such terms. When AQ, ISIL conquer the cities they say We liberate the city.

In this declaration, they use such term, which is very rare for S.Korea, we the S.Korea do not even know why they use that word there.

It says, “We have been closely liberated the issues,” but does not specify what they have liberated and what is the meaning of liberation in the context of the sentence.

② 남과 북은 고위급 회담을 비롯한 각 분야의 대화와 협상을 빠른 시일 안에 개최하여 정상회담에서 합의된 문제들을 실천하기 위한 적극적인 대책을 세워나가기로 하였다.

③ 남과 북은 당국 간 협의를 긴밀히 하고 민간교류와 협력을 원만히 보장하기 위하여 쌍방 당국자가 상주하는 남북공동연락사무소를 개성지역에 설치하기로 하였다.

④ 남과 북은 민족적 화해와 단합의 분위기를 고조시켜 나가기 위하여 각계각층의 다방면적인 협력과 교류 왕래와 접촉을 활성화하기로 하였다.

안으로는 6.15를 비롯하여 남과북에 다같이 의의가 있는 날들을 계기로 당국과 국회, 정당, 지방자치단체, 민간단체 등 각계각층이 참가하는 민족공동행사를 적극 추진하여 화해와 협력의 분위기를 고조시키 며, 밖으로는 2018년 아시아경기대회를 비롯한 국제경기들에 공동으로 진출하여 민족의 슬기와 재능, 단합된 모습을 전 세계에 과시하기로 하였다.

Here is very identical to Hitler’s claims for their Munich Olympics, “let the world know our ethnic Ingenuity and wisdom through the International sports games like Asian games.” (밖으로는 2018년 아시아경기대회를 비롯한 국제경기들에 공동으로 진출하여 민족의 슬기와 재능, 단합된 모습을 전 세계에 과시하기로 하였다.) Again, N.Korea’s emphasis on ethnic homogeneity continuously used.  It is very curious why the entire declaration accepted the form of N.Korea’s style of writings. At the end of that sentence, they say, 과시하기로 하였다 meaning “we brag about our ethnic superiority.” This sentence is exactly same kind of sentence you only see from N.Korea’s KCNA propaganda. The claim of ethnic greatness is not proper delivery for today’s standard. It contains the meaning of Anti-Globalization and the discrimination of other ethnics or people.

⑤ 남과 북은 민족 분단으로 발생된 인도적 문제를 시급히 해결하기 위하여 노력하며, 남북 적십자회담을 개최하여 이산가족·친척상봉을 비롯한 제반 문제들을 협의 해결해 나가기로 하였다.

당면하여 오는 8.15를 계기로 이산가족·친척 상봉을 진행하기로 하였다.

⑥ 남과 북은 민족경제의 균형적 발전과 공동번영을 이룩하기 위하여 10.4선언에서 합의된 사업들을 적극 추진해 나가며 1차적으로 동해선 및 경의선 철도와 도로들을 연결하고 현대화하여 활용하기 위한 실천적 대책들을 취해나가기로 하였다.

Here they revived the failed business from the predecessors of two Koreas. Declaration 10.4 is the Former president, Roh Mu-hyun, and Kim Jong-il made together in Pyongyang. 10.4 named after the date they made, October 4th of 2007. Since they declared them, N.Korea did not follow any of the promises. The promises contained no intrusion between the two, the end of armistice but peace of peninsula. Since 2007, N.Korea continuously delivered series of provocations including ICBM launches and nuclear tests.

Here also they claimed they will connect the two Koreas with railroad systems but has no details of how to do it and it says it is the step 1 which does not indicate how many more steps will follow. Plus such connection can endanger the S.Korea without security assurance.

1 year after the 10.4 declarations, S.Korea’s tourist to N.Korea killed by the N.Korea. N.Korean guard shoots the gun at the tourist. This incident happened July 11, 2008, known as the incident of Park Wang Ja. The Name Park Wang Ja is the S.Korean female tourist. She was 53 yrs old at the time of the incident.

  1. 남과 북은 한반도에서 첨예한 군사적 긴장상태를 완화하고 전쟁 위험을 실질적으로 해소하기 위하여 공동으로 노력해 나갈 것이다.

① 남과 북은 지상과 해상, 공중을 비롯한 모든 공간에서 군사적 긴장과 충돌의 근원으로 되는 상대방에 대한 일체의 적대행위를 전면 중지하기로 하였다.

당면하여 5월 1일부터 군사분계선 일대에서 확성기 방송과 전단살포를 비롯한 모든 적대 행위들을 중지하고 그 수단을 철폐하며 앞으로 비무장지대를 실질적인 평화지대로 만들어 나가기로 하였다.

② 남과 북은 서해 북방한계선 일대를 평화수역으로 만들어 우발적인 군사적 충돌을 방지하고 안전한 어로 활동을 보장하기 위한 실제적인 대책을 세워나가기로 하였다.

③ 남과 북은 상호협력과 교류, 왕래와 접촉이 활성화 되는 데 따른 여러 가지 군사적 보장대책을 취하기로 하였다.

This part is very interesting. They say both Koreas will stop any hostile activity, and they pointed out the few examples of hostile activities: Ban of Propaganda Speakers and Air Balloon delivered propaganda leaflets. These two actions are only applied to S.Korea. There is no specified actions for N.Korea: missile launches, nuclear test, human rights abuse, the intrusion of NLL. These specified actions of S.Korea are not hostile but help free N.Korea people. These two actions are known as the effective counter-propaganda measures to N.Korea and some escapees have said they defected N.Korea because of that propaganda. N.Korea soldiers who defected from Panmunjom and DMZ have heard S.Korea’s radio broadcast or propaganda which are done by those Speakers and leaflets. Now they ban such actions with this declaration.

Basically, their claim is what is lethal and hostile is Not the nuclear test and missile launches but Counter-Propaganda to N.Korea.  The following part is the core of the declaration where they mention about the denuclearization.

남과 북은 쌍방 사이에 제기되는 군사적 문제를 지체 없이 협의 해결하기 위하여 국방부장관회담을 비롯한 군사당국자회담을 자주개최하며 5월 중에 먼저 장성급 군사회담을 열기로 하였다.

  1. 남과 북은 한반도의 항구적이며 공고한 평화체제 구축을 위하여 적극 협력해 나갈 것이다.

한반도에서 비정상적인 현재의 정전상태를 종식시키고 확고한 평화체제를 수립하는 것은 더 이상 미룰 수 없는 역사적 과제이다.

① 남과 북은 그 어떤 형태의 무력도 서로 사용하지 않을 때 대한 불가침 합의를 재확인하고 엄격히 준수해 나가기로 하였다.

② 남과 북은 군사적 긴장이 해소되고 서로의 군사적 신뢰가 실질적으로 구축되는 데 따라 단계적으로 군축을 실현해 나가기로 하였다.

③ 남과 북은 정전협정체결 65년이 되는 올해에 종전을 선언하고 정전협정을 평화협정으로 전환하며 항구적이고 공고한 평화체제 구축을 위한 남·북·미 3자 또는 남·북·미·중 4자회담 개최를 적극 추진해 나가기로 하였다.

④ 남과 북은 완전한 비핵화를 통해 핵 없는 한반도를 실현한다는 공동의 목표를 확인하였다.

남과 북은 북측이 취하고 있는 주동적인 조치들이 한반도 비핵화를 위해 대단히 의의 있고 중대한 조치라는데 인식을 같이 하고 앞으로 각기 자기의 책임과 역할을 다하기로 하였다.

남과 북은 한반도 비핵화를 위한 국제사회의 지지와 협력을 위해 적극 노력하기로 하였다.

양 정상은 정기적인 회담과 직통전화를 통하여 민족의 중대사를 수시로 진지하게 논의하고 신뢰를 굳건히 하며, 남북관계의 지속적인 발전과 한반도의 평화와 번영, 통일을 향한 좋은 흐름을 더욱 확대해 나가기 위하여 함께 노력하기로 하였다.

당면하여 문재인 대통령은 올해 가을 평양을 방문하기로 하였다.

2018년 4월 27일 
 판 문 점

대한민국대통령 대통령 문재인 조선민주인민공화국 국무위원회 위원장 김정은

This part made the world surprised and got the most attention because of its claim of denuclearization but it needs to look closely.

Here they say, 한반도 비핵화 meaning “denuclearization of the peninsula” and 남과 북은 완전한 비핵화 meaning South and North’s complete denuclearization. It does not say, denuclearization of N.Korea but both Korea. It did not specify North Korea but Peninsula and share the burden of nuclear. S.Korea does not have its own nuclear weapon and S.Korea has been the victim of N.Korea’s nuclear program. Now, the suspect of nuclear, North Korea asking South Korea the victim to denuclearize together. Why would they include South here?

 People need to know 2 things about S.Korea’ s nuclear.

  1. USFK’s deployment of a Tactical nuke in Peninsula.
  2. S.Korea’s Nuclear Power Plant technology.

First, USFK has deployed the US nukes to S.Korea for the purpose of deterrence and the counterbalance of N.Korea’s nuclear capability.

Second, S.Korea has world’s top level of nuclear power plant building that S.Korea even passed EU-APR standards and NRC standards for the nuclear plant. So many experts claimed that If S.Korea decide to weaponize of nuclear it would only take less than two years. S.Korea has been well-known nuclear-promoting nations that even building plants in the UAE.

However, Moon administration decided to take the route of “Nuclear-Exit” policy so no further developments for the Nuclear technology. In addition, the declaration said both Koreas should be denuclearized, therefore S.Korea has no more way to counter N.Korea’s nuclear power and take the road of Nuclear-exit policy. N.Korea did not want S.Korea to armed with the USFK’s tactical nukes, so the overall notion of denuclearization is focused on denuclearization of S.Korea rather N.Korea. Policy makers in the US should aware of this, and make sure to CVID the N.Korea, a physical dismantlement should follow. If not, it will be an another Iran Deal.

Also, it did not specify any of N.Korea’s nuclear capability nor what and how to for the process of denuclearization. There is no mention of how to open up their market to capitalism, and how to systematically prepare for the unification. Therefore this can be another N.Korea’s deception which has happened twice before this Inter-Korea meeting.

Meanwhile, days after Inter-Korea dialogue, N.Korea’s propaganda sources all criticized the US-driven sanctions against N.Korea. One of their propaganda outlet, Uriminjokkiri (우리민족끼리) said, “if the US keep applying the Sanctions, the people will laugh at them and the US must present their sincerity to N.Korea”(미국이 제재 몽둥이를 휘두른다면 웃음거리가 될 것이고, 미국은 마땅한 성의를 보여야 한다) These claims draw the suspicion of North Korea’s authenticity about the Inter-Korea dialogue.

We the world should remind of lessons of history: Treaty of Versaille, Soviet-Japan Neutrality Pact, these treaties have been violated by the Hitler of Germany, and the Stalin of Soviets. We need to realize the definition of negotiation for the communists. Mao said in his book, On Guerilla Warfare, “Negotiation only has two purposes for buying time.” N.Korea’s perspective of the negotiation is only to buy time and money for their on-going nuclear program. There is no compromise in talks in their dictionary.

What has changed in the history of the peninsula for decades is not N.Korea but others who live around them. N.Korea has stayed in the same doctrine: become a nuclear power, and expel of a foreign power in the peninsula, the US. On the other hand, we the S.Korea and the US applying a variety of different methods towards N.Korea: strategic patience, and appeasement policy: Sunshine and Moonshine but all have been failed. The only option we did not use is the physical dismantlement of their nuclear program. If we get blind ourselves from this entertaining moment of dialogue, the greater risk will come in the future. By then, it may be too late to do anything.



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